A Friend Victimized by the Highway Patrol Group

A Friend Victimized by the Highway Patrol Group

As I was settled on my sofa reading the Philippine Star’s editorial over a cup of coffee this morning, I was shocked to read about my friend Francis Abraham in Cito Beltran’s April 11, 2011 CTALK column entitled “A prior victim writes about HPG”.

Francis, a professional advertising photographer, has been a friend for the past 37 years ever since our days in the Ateneo de Manila Grade School Kalatog Pukpok rondalla club. We saw each other spasmodically over the decades but it wasn’t only until 2006 that we started bonding again in various bars and cafes in Greenhills, Metrowalk, and at Café Ysabel with Henry Palacios, Randy Cepeda, and Owen Carsi-Cruz. By that time, Francis was already speeding around in a BMW motorcycle. Proof of his success as a lifestyle photographer. Somehow, I never expected that Francis would be victimized by the same HPG that harassed Arnel Ignacio last week. So with the indulgence of Cito Beltran and Francis Abraham, I’m sharing Francis’ edited letter to amplify the public’s growing peace and order concern. I hope that President Aquino and the attendant officials would take note of the matter so that it may be addressed with alacrity:

Philippine Rugby Team Rampaging to the Rugby World Cup

In another “non-basketball sport”, Filipinos have started to make a name for themselves much like the Azkals in soccer. Rugby, which is fast gaining popularity and recognition, in non-Commonwealth countries, is in the fact the ancestor of American Football and basketball. Like cricket, it is the the favorite game of the old boys from exclusive public schools like Eton and Harrow.

Communication Plan for IT School

A communication plan presented by Agency to attract more enrollees to the AMA Education System (AMAES) locally and internationally in order to increase profitability and enhance reputation. (2005)

‘Balanced Fertilization’ Increases Rice Yield By Marvyn N. Benaning, Manila Bulletin 3 April 2011

April 3, 2011 Manila Bulletin article reported that practitioners of balanced fertilization have been harvesting 30 percent more rice from inbred and hybrids in the past several years and progressively reducing the share of commercial fertilizers from 10 percent to 50 percent.

Considerations for Defense Secretary Reyes Meeting with Secretary Powell

Recommendations and briefing from agency to client (Dept. of National Defense) on upcoming meeting with Secretary of State Colin Powell. (August 2002)

Pointers for Secretary Reyes Meeting With Vice President Cheney and Secretary Powell

Recommendations and briefing from agency to client (Dept. of National Defense) on upcoming meeting with US Vice President Richard Cheney and Secretary of State Colin Powell. (August 2002)

The Action Heats Up at the Business Climate Action Summit

At the plenary session of the Business Climate Action Summit, Philippine Business for the Environment (PBE) Pres. Howard Belton stressed, “The Philippines is very vulnerable to climate change. Business needs to take the lead!” The Summit was attended by hundreds of CEOs/ Senior Executives and industry participant across all sectors. I was fortunate to attend the Summit as a delegate representing Agricultural Inoculant Corp (AIC) upon the invitation of Unilever’s Chito Macapagal and Joy Isla.

Philippine - US Defense Relations -The Way Ahead

This paper’s assessment is that transnational threats, energy geopolitics, and environmental concerns will define Philippine-US defense relations for the first three decades of the 21st century. The preoccupation of the US military will be defense of the US itself and control of international terrorism, which will rightly be perceived as more of a threat to world peace than the conventional armies of the major nation states. The US will naturally retain particular areas of special interest, for example in the Middle East and in Latin America, and it will retain an overall interest in stability in the rest of the world.

Talking Points for PGMA and Sec. Reyes with Sec. Powell

Recommended talking points for the President and Defense Secretary Reyes with US Secretary of State Colin Powell. Submitted to the Defense Secretary for consideration in 2002 prior to Washington trip.